Competitive and flexible fee options


We believe you should be clear on the issue of costs from the outset. Our fees are competitive and we offer a range of fee options to suit your needs and budget.

When you call our offices, one of our staff will take some brief details about you and your case which will be passed to one of our solicitors. You will then be telephoned by one of our solicitors who will provide you with some brief, preliminary advice free of charge. As we receive a large volume of enquiries and because this is a free service, we do limit these calls to 5 minutes.

You may then wish to book one of our fixed-fee telephone conferences lasting up to 1 hour for a fixed-fee of £275.00 plus VAT. During that conference we can discuss your case, advise you on your legal position, the options available to you, your prospects of success and the likely costs involved. We then provide you with a detailed letter of advice and set out the likely costs moving forwards.

Thereafter, our fees are flexible. We offer a fixed-fee service so you will know how much your case will cost. Alternatively, we an invoice you at our usual hour rates which are £225 plus VAT. We will provide you with an estimate of the total costs of your case which will be kept under review as your case progresses.

No matter what your needs, circumstances or problems are, our expert criminal defence team have decades of experience and are here to help you so call us on 01442 242999 or email us at