Competitive and flexible fee options


Funding Motoring Law Cases

When you call our offices, one of our staff will take some brief details about you and your case which will be passed to one of our solicitors.  You will then be telephoned by one of our solicitors who will provide you with some brief, preliminary advice free of charge.  As we receive a large volume of enquiries and because this is a free service, we do limit these calls to 5 minutes.

Generally legal aid is not available for motoring cases, save for some serious or complex cases where a person is also financially eligible.  More often than not, motoring cases are privately funded.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority Transparency Rules require us to publish details of costs for the provision of advice and representation at the magistrates’ court in relation to summary only offences dealt with at a single hearing.

Our hourly rates are as follows:

  • Senior solicitor £225.00
  • Assistant solicitor £200.00
  • Trainee solicitor/paralegal £150.00

We often represent clients on a fixed-fee basis.  That fee is calculated on the basis of the amount of work we believe will be involved in a case.  For straight forward not guilty/guilty plea case in our local court (St Albans Magistrates’ Court) our usual fixed- would be £500 plus travel disbursements and VAT.  This fee includes obtaining a copy of the prosecution papers and going through them with you at court to take your instructions, advising you regarding the strength of prosecution evidence and plea and sentence and representation at that hearing.

If a pre-court conference is required there would be an additional fee of £250 plus VAT.

More lengthy and complex cases such as an exceptional hardship or special reasons hearing would usually attract a fixed-fee in the region of £1,200 plus VAT.

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