Funding Motoring Law Cases

Generally legal aid is not available for motoring cases, save for some serious or complex cases where a person is also financially eligible. More often than not, motoring cases are privately funded.

We are required to provide price information for assistance in relation to summary only motoring offences under Part I of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and s89 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. The most common of these offences are:

  • Drink driving
  • Drug driving
  • Failing to provide a specimen in connection with a drink or drug driving case
  • Driving without due care and attention
  • Failing to provide driver details
  • Failing to stop/report following an accident
  • Speeding

The following information is intended to provide guidance as to our fees for representation in the above cases.

We usually represent clients on a fixed-fee basis. Our standard fee for attendance at one of our local courts (St Albans or Stevenage) is £1,000 plus VAT*which includes:

  • Obtaining and considering the prosecution evidence
  • Taking your instructions in a pre-court conference
  • Considering up to 5-character references
  • Advising you regarding the court procedure, strength of evidence, plea and likely sentence
  • Representation in court in a single hearing where we are at court for up to half a day

This fee does not include:

  • Instruction of any expert witnesses
  • Taking statements from any witnesses
  • Advice and assistance in relation to a special reasons/exceptional hardship hearing
  • Advice or assistance in relation to any appeal
  • Travel disbursements for attending court. Mileage is charged at 45p per mile plus VAT*(approximate travel disbursements to our local court in St Albans would be £12.20 plus VAT*)

Other Fixed Fees

The costs of representation at an exceptional hardship hearing with no additional witnesses would attract a fixed-fee in the region of £1,750 plus travel disbursements and VAT*

For a trial or special reasons hearing with no additional witnesses or expert evidence, fees start at £2,500 plus travel disbursements and VAT*

The above fees include:

  • Considering the prosecution papers
  • Taking your detailed instructions
  • Preparing for the hearing
  • Representation in court at a single hearing

The fee does not include:

  • Taking witness statements
  • Instructing expert witnesses
  • Advising on appeal

Hourly rates

If we are not representing you for a fixed-fee, our hourly rates are as follows:

Senior solicitors Tina Wagon & Dhiraj Bance – £275 plus VAT*

Solicitors Aleksandra Sobieraj & Hannan Tariq – £250 plus VAT*


Typical disbursements consist of mileage to court from our offices in Hemel Hempstead and parking. Sometimes expert evidence is required, the typical cost of a forensic toxicology report would be in the region of £275 plus VAT. Additional fees would be incurred if the expert was required to attend court which would typically be in the region £500 to £1,000 plus travel disbursements and VAT*


It is difficult to provide a timescale as to how long any case will take to conclude as this depends on the court listing system and whether someone is pleading guilty or not guilty. Many cases can be dealt with in one hearing. If a case is adjourned for sentence, then the sentencing hearing will usually take place 3 weeks after the first hearing. If a case is adjourned for trial/special reasons/exceptional hardship hearing then this will usually take place within 3 – 6 months of the first appearance.

Supervisors Tina Wagon & Aleksandra Sobieraj

Our team is experienced in all types of motoring offences and will work with you to ensure the best possible outcome in your case. Please call 01442 242999 or email us at

*VAT is currently charged at the rate of 20%

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