We represent dog owners at courts all over England and Wales.

We have an intimate knowledge of this complex area of law and work closely with a fantastic team of experts to ensure the best possible outcome for owners and their dogs.

More than 35 Acts of Parliament apply to dogs and with the recent extension of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 to cover attacks on private property and assistance dogs, it is now easier than ever for your dog to get you into trouble.

The old adage that every dog is allowed one bite is a myth and the courts can, and do, make destruction orders against dogs that have never bitten before.

Here at Wheldon Law, we are all dog lovers and most of us are dog owners. We have handled many hundreds of dog law cases and have a proven track record of successfully defending clients and saving their dogs from destruction. If you want further proof then have a look at some of our testimonials from grateful clients below or see what they have written on our Facebook page.

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Prohibited Types of Dog

Prohibited Types of Dog

We have access to the very best breed identification experts and canine behaviourists and do everything we possibly can to get your dog back home as soon as possible.


Dogs Dangerously Out of Control

Contrary to what the media would have us all believe, we find the majority of people whose dogs get them into trouble are caring and responsible dog owners who have never been in trouble before and whose pets have never put a paw wrong.


Defending RSPCA prosecutions

RSPCA prosecutions are often lengthy and complex cases and the consequences of being convicted under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 can be very distressing as the courts routinely deprive people of their pets and disqualify them from keeping pets in the future.

Civil dog law

Civil Dog Law

Civil dog law cases vary enormously and we have dealt with all manner of cases from dog ownership disputes to problems with barking dogs to cases of personal injury and damage to property.