Dispute resolution covers a wide range of civil litigation.

Our busy accident at work solicitors deals with a wide range of cases including negligence and personal injury claims, disputes between individuals and/or companies, landlord and tenant issues and all manner of dog-related litigation including ownership disputes.

Our expert dispute resolution solicitors have years of experience in dealing with all manner of civil claims, whether on behalf of the person bringing the claim or the person defending the claim.

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Civil personal injury

Personal Injury

Our personal injury solicitors can help you obtain compensation from the person responsible for your injury or illness, and we can ensure that any compensation takes into account your future care needs, any medical treatment and any future loss of earnings.

civil dispute resolution

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is a broad term that covers any sort of legal dispute where one party is seeking resolution in the form of money, the return of property or some other form of restitution.

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